Thema January " Display of Change "

21 Hari Doa Puasa, 1 - 21 Januari 2023

Vision Sunday , 29 Januari 2023

Discipleship Journey Batch 1 - 2023 sudah di buka.

Pengumuman buat Parents and Kids

Pastor Budi

"Come as you are, and call it home."

This is a church where you will come as you are, accepted as you are, and found a place to call home. A place to express your love to Christ with your own ways.


Compassion ( Belas Kasih ) adalah perasaan dapat ikut merasakan kebutuhan dan penderitaan orang lain. Compassion membawa kita melihat lebih dalam untuk bisa mengerti apa yang saya dapat bagikan / lakukan untuk orang lain.

Tiga Misi yang ada di Departement Compassion :

  1. Education
  2. Humanitarian
  3. Community Development
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Get Involved


Experiencing God is fun! Take an exciting journey in equipping the future Generation that lights the world with His love.


More than just meet-ups! It’s a Community where we can have real and meaningful relationship.


We are committed with our mission to bring people to know more about Christ, and to help them grow in Christ.

IFGF Youth

Grow in Christ with each other. We are passionate in creating young leaders who lead the next Generation in Christ.

IFGF Peduli

Special services for those of you who need help as well as those who are willing to give support related to covid-19.

Online Service

We are dedicated in spreading the Good News. In this modern world, we are able to provide Online Service on our Youtube Channel.


Generosity comes in many expressions. There are many ways to express generosity in our community, including giving financially, volunteering your time, and simply being generous toward others.

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